Error in Docker compose pull

ERROR: Version in “./docker-compose.yml” is unsupported. You might be seeing this error because you’re using the wrong Compose file version. Either specify a version of “2” (or “2.0”) and place your service definitions under the services key, or omit the version key and place your service definitions at the root of the file to use version 1.
For more on the Compose file format versions, see

This is the docker_compose.yml file

Hey @9192gks,
It seems like you are using an outdated version of docker-compose. Current versions support v3+ but it appears that you are using one that supports only v1 and v2 support. If you take a look at the same link you provided (, you can see which docker-compose versions are able to run v3 file format.

PS: If you are unable to upgrade your docker-compose you may be able to get this working by changing that version: '3' line to version: '2.4' but you may need to make some small changes to the compose file to make it conform to the earlier spec.


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