Conjur Open source not working


I am doing a POC on conjur and hence installed Conjur OSS using instructions from when trying to login using below cmd
docker-compose exec client conjur authn login -u admin
it get below error
error: Failed to open TCP connection to conjur:80 (Connection refused - connect(2) for “conjur” port 80)

i am not sure which password i need to provide, the password in admin_data file is …, so not sure if i am doing it right

Hi @Ankush_Agarwal,

A fix has been merged in the parent repo (the upstream Postgres container had unexpected changes that we had to apply a fix for). Please try this again and let us know if the new code makes your environment work.



Hi @Ankush_Agarwal,

I also made this FAQ that is basically just stopping and starting the containers again. I have ran into this problem before and was always able to fix it by restarting the containers.

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