How to Fix: error Failed to open TCP connection to conjur:80

I run docker-compose up -d in the directory with docker-compose.yml. That works. I run docker-compose exec client bash That works fine too, and I get the docker shell. I rerun conjur init -u conjur -a quick-start That appears to work as well. Doesn’t seem to matter if I overwrite the ~/.conjurrc file. I attempt to authenticate and get “error: Failed to open TCP connection to conjur:80 (getaddrinfo: Name or service not known)”

Try running docker-compose stop and then starting everything agin. It destroys all your data from before and gives you fresh containers. In production you’d want to back up your database (which is encrypted) then restore the database and create new Conjur containers with the same data key as you used before. That way you would have continuity.