Conjur Tutorial - Enrolling an Application: extending the explanation


I do not know (yet) where I can post improvements/additions to Tutorials on the website.
So for now here goes, please let me know if I should share this somewhere else.

I’d like to suggest an extension to the Prerequisites part



Install the self-hosted Conjur software.



Install the self-hosted Conjur software.

connect to the Conjur client Docker:
docker exec -it conjur_client bash

Proceed with the following tasks on that Docker.

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@derk thank you for the feedback, most appreciated. We will review and make the updates. I would like to send you some swag for your community contribution. Please PM me your shipping information.

Thank you,
John Walsh

I like the idea of ‘execing’ into the containers too. Although there are a few steps like loading the policy that are easier outside of the container. Also, the end of the tutorial when you retrieve a secret is meant to demonstrate an application retrieving a secret from outside the container.

But I do agree that for a good chunk of the tutorial running the commands from outside seem weird at first. I just think going back and forth would make the tutorial choppier. Maybe another paragraph explaining why it is the way it is?

This is good feedback, thank you!