Conjur Open Source Suite release V1.11.6+suite.1

Hi all,
May is here with another update of the Conjur OSS Suite, aligning with Conjur Server version v1.11.6

This time we are excited to share a new project that has been cooking for a while: The Conjur OpenAPI v3 specification.
The project aims to provide a standardized, machine-readable version of the API that can be used to automatically generate API documentation, to generate Conjur client libraries in your language of choice, and to facilitate exploring the Conjur API using popular tools like Postman.
We’ll be using this OpenAPI spec to build a better, more consistent Conjur SDK that is always up-to-date and includes clients in the most popular languages, along with comprehensive automated test coverage.

For more information about the Conjur OpenAPI specification and how to use it, read our recent blog post on the topic.
Let us know what you think !

For more detail on what’s included with this release, head on over to the release notes . On that page, scroll down to see individual changelogs that may be of interest to you.

Feedback and improvements to the project are always welcome!