Conjur Open Source Suite release V1.11.3+suite.1

Hi everyone,
Quick shout with a March release for Conjur OSS Suite !
This Suite release aligns with Conjur Server version 1.11.3 .

  • Addressing specific customer requests, we’ve added support for using Summon environments in the Conjur Buildpack. Users can now divide their secrets.yml files into environments and specify which environment secrets should be loaded at runtime. For detailed instructions on using this new functionality, see the project README.

  • This release also includes a minor update to the Conjur Service Broker. Users who consume our Tanzu Application Service tile should wait for the next tile release to update the service broker, but all users may install the buildpack at any time following the documented instructions.

  • The Conjur GO API is now approved against the latest Go major release version 1.15. The K8s-auth-client has also been updated to use GO version 1.15

For more detail, head on over to the release notes . On that page, scroll down there to see individual changelogs that may be of interest to you.

Feedback and improvements to the project are always welcome!