Conjur Open Source Suite release v1.13.1+suite.1

Happy Friday everyone!

Another Conjur OSS Suite release is out, aligning with Conjur Server version v1.13.1 with more exciting developments!

New Kubernetes Manifests

An earlier OSS Suite release included two helm charts for deploying the “Golden” ConfigMap solution to configure applications that use Conjur. In this release, we also provide raw Kubernetes manifest templates as an alternative deployment method for users who do not wish to employ Helm.

Security and Bug Fixes

This patch-level release of Conjur includes several bug fixes and security patches that address many CVEs and make small improvements to the overall product experience.

Learn More

For more detail on what’s included with this release, head on over to the release notes. On that page, scroll down to see individual CHANGELOGs that may be of interest to you.

Feedback and improvements for this release and the individual projects are always welcome!