NEW - Conjur Open Source Suite Release

Introducing the Conjur Open Source Suite

Hi everyone,
Following a soft launch, we are excited to announce today the Conjur Open Source Suite - to help you build, deploy, and consume the Conjur service in a consistent manner.


  • With the distributed nature of the Conjur project, all open source components appear as standalone repositories so dependencies among them are not obvious.
    By aggregating components under the same umbrella, the Conjur Open Source Suite ensures that components are correctly used with respect to version dependencies.
  • When a suite release is built, it includes end-to-end testing to ensure that all components in the release function consistently, relative to a given Conjur Server version.
  • Component versions are selected across the entire suite to ensure that only high quality changes introduced in individual components are accepted for inclusion in a given release.
  • The Suite Release Notes identify what has changed from one release to the next for every component in the suite, to provide a complete end-to-end view. The Release Notes page includes a linked list of all available release notes.
  • The Conjur Open Source Suite release also provides you with visibility into all components in the Conjur project which you may not have been aware of before, that you may find useful.

Using the consistent set of components identified by a particular Suite release is the recommended approach for stability. You may choose to use a specific branch of a component outside of the suite release, if that branch offers newer functionality that you are missing. In this case, you will have a stable reference to compare to.

To learn more

Please take a look at the Conjur Open Source Suite doc page and at the Release Notes for the Suite Release version 1.10.

Feedback and improvements to the project are always welcome!