Conjur Open Source Suite release V1.11.1+suite.2

Happy new year everyone !

Before the holidays, we published Conjur OSS Suite Release version v1.11.1+suite.1
It included the new GCP authenticator, an updated K8s authn client, and the respective updates for the Secrets Provider for K8s and Secretless Broker

Earlier this week we released another Conjur OSS Suite, version, v1.11.1+suite.2. It is the second update aligned with Conjur 1.11.1, marking our move to an agile release cadence aiming at monthly releases.

With this release,

  • Conjur OSS can now be installed in OpenShift! using this community contribution!
  • Ansible Integration went through an overhaul, migrating to the new Ansible Collections framework. It has “graduated” and is now part of the Suite Release! To learn more, please tune in to @joe.garcia’s upcoming webinar (details below)

On February 17th, RedHat in conjunction with CyberArk will be hosting a BrightTalk webinar on Trusted Automation for the Enterprise. Covered in the presentation and demonstration will be the newly updated Conjur collection, the CyberArk collection, and Ansible Tower native secret lookups. This BrightTalk will be posted on RedHat’s BrightTalk channel as well as CyberArk’s BrightTalk channel at

Please visit the Conjur collection repository after February 17th to get access to the demonstration presented during this talk: GitHub - cyberark/ansible-conjur-collection: Ansible Collection for Conjur. Finally, for a YouTube video of the Ansible Tower secret lookups, you can check out: CyberArk & Red Hat Ansible Tower - Integrating w/ Tower Out of the Box - YouTube.

Feedback and improvements to the project are always welcome!