Conjur Open Source Suite release V1.11.5+suite.1

Hi everyone,
April marks Spring in the Northern Hemisphere, but globally there’s another thrill: a Conjur OSS Suite release!

This Suite release aligns with Conjur Server version 1.11.5 and includes exciting news :

Look Ma, no Docker!
An improved, brand new CLI! Completely revamped, 100% Pure Python3. This CLI is even more friendly, and it runs native with no need for Docker, on multiple platforms - RHEL, Windows, Mac!
Give it a try!

OpenShift 4.6 (EUS)
The entire Suite has been validated to work with Red Hat OpenShift version 4.6. This is Red Hat’s Extended Update Support (EUS), and we are curious to learn what this means for you.
Is your organization plannign to take advantage of EUS and stay with 4.6 for a while?
Kindly share in response to this post.

For more detail, head on over to the release notes . On that page, scroll down to see individual changelogs that may be of interest to you.

Feedback and improvements to the project are always welcome!

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