Secretless Tutorial

I am trying to work through the secretless tutorial at Using Secretless in Kubernetes · Secretless

I get through all the steps up to “The database has no data yet, but we can verify it works by logging in as the security admin and listing the users:” When I execute the call that follows, I get an error:

“psql: connection to server at “”, port 30001 failed: Connection refused
Is the server running on that host and accepting TCP/IP connections?”

I’ve gone through and verified the pg-0 pod is running and that the service is up and listening on 30001 (if it wasn’t I would just get connection refused.) After a lot of digging around the most likely thing seems to be some sort of missing or incorrect postgre configuration as described here: centos - Postgresql Connection Timed out - Server Fault

I’m not actually interested in learning about postgres or how to get it running in kubernetes. Is there a different tutorial that would allow me to get a handle on secretless without postgres being involved?

Hi James, Have you looked at the AdditionalExamples