Unix Socket Example

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Do we have any deployment or deployment configuration example for Secretless deployment within Kubernetes/Openshift that uses UNIX socket?

I could not find example in Secretless doc or the Github repo



After reviewing our code / docs, I see we do love connecting locally over TCP :slight_smile: You might find it helpful to refer to our juxtaposer manifests (it’s our perf testing tool) – it deploys the pet store app with Secretless to OpenShift and connects to pg or mysql using either TCP or Unix sockets. Probably the most relevant files are the deployment manifest template and the secretless.yml file. Hope this helps!! But please let us know if you have any follow-up questions.

Many Thanks @izgerij !
This is exactly what I was looking for.


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@JfcAtCyberArk A thing to keep in mind is that in both Kubernetes (and specifically Openshift) permissions between the socket files have to make sense which is why this configuration is harder to have examples for. The broker will create the socket file with the same UID/GID as its container runner so the app container will have to be able to read/write to that socket too given its own UID/GID combo (which can be randomized on OpenShift). Given that this is pretty tricky to get working and may have differences between deployment envs, any instructions we provide could cause more problems than they solve but the link @izgerij provided is of a working example.

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Hi @sgnn7, makes perfect sense, thanks a lot for the explanations!

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