Secretless Broker SDK

Hi, I heard that CyberArk is developing a Secretless Broker SDK for the community so that the community can develop additional handlers for accessing databases and resources that are not supported by the current release of Secretless Broker. This sounds really exciting is there a beta or alpha version available?

Hey Chris,

We should be releasing something in the next day or two. Keep an eye on this page:


CyberArk just announced the Secretless Broker SDK in a blog ahead of KubeCon to provide additional options for developers wanting to secure Kubernetes applications and containers. (also added separate CyberArk vault integration with Kubernetes secrets to centralize management of Kubernetes Secrets without any code changes)…

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Here is the blog detailing the work behind this SDK: Open Source: How to Eat Your Own Dog Food

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I just wanted to note that if you’re interested in jumping in and writing a new connector to extend Secretless support to additional databases or APIs, you can read more about our plugin SDK and our connector plugins in particular to find out how to get started.

We love to talk about this stuff! If you are thinking about writing a new Secretless connector, please create a new post here - we would be glad to help in any way we can.

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