New Native Kubernetes/OpenShift integration!

Secrets managed by CyberArk can now be pushed to Kubernetes Secrets!
This new integration uses the same strong authentication that is part of all Conjur/Dynamic Access Provider - Kubernetes offerings, and adds another option of pushing the secrets that are managed by CyberArk to Kubernetes Secrets for easier and transparent usage. This integrations opens another option for securing Kubernetes/OpenShift workloads, for users who already use native k8s Secrets or plan to use it, and do not wish to change the way they are currently consuming secrets. The offering is added toConjur/Dynamic Access Provider - Kuberntes offerings to secure the application use of secrets: Secretless, Summon based (writes to the pods environment variables) and API calls using different available SDKs.
The integration is supported in both OpenShift and Kubernetes.
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Source code link from the dockerhub – The CyberArk Secrets Provider for Kubernetes enables you to use secrets stored and managed in the CyberArk Vault using DAP or Conjur and consume them in your Kubernetes application containers. To do so, the CyberArk Secrets Provider for Kubernetes image runs as an init container and provides the Conjur secrets, required by the pod, from DAP or Conjur.

Source code: