Conjur-oss Simple Install - CrashLoopBackOff for all pods


We followed the “Simple Install” from the GitHub page which creates 2 pods but both are crashing.

  1. Error on postgres container: initdb:
    could not look up effective user ID 1000160000: user does not exist

  2. Error on conjur-oss-xxxx-nginx:
    initdb: 2019/11/22 12:26:24 [emerg] 1#1: mkdir() “/var/cache/nginx/client_temp” failed (13: Permission denied)
    nginx: [emerg] mkdir() “/var/cache/nginx/client_temp” failed (13: Permission denied)

  3. Error on conjur-oss container: …error:
    Database is still unavailable. Aborting!
    ==> will hopefully run when postgres is running.

Openshift v3.11
Helm v3
Any other info needed?

What did we miss or what went wrong for us?


Hey Frederik, sorry about the delay. I’m finding someone to help you. Have you tried anything else since you posted this?

Hey Frederik,
At this time, our Helm chart (I’m assuming this is how you installed Conjur) does not work with OpenShift out-of-the-box due to UID reassignment that it does by default but our followers and full appliance do work in that setting! We have plans to support this for OSS in the works but for now only regular Kubernetes deployments are officially supported for the Helm chart.

With that said, you may be able to get this running with anyuid SCC overrides for the containers but it won’t be easy and it’s definitely not straightforward - there may be some items of interest here if you feel inclined and motivated.

Feel free to ping me if you need a bit more help on this.