Request for information about conjur layers vs policy engine

Hi Team,

Does the CyberArk “Conjur layers” will be deprecated soon and CyberArk recommended to use newer “Conjur policy engine”.

We are currently using Conjur layers to manage secrets for my organization , interested to learn more about the benefits of using the newer conjur policy engine.

What are the key differences between Conjur Layers and the Conjur policy Engine ?

Do we have any CyberArk documentation on this topic.


Hi Phani,

Not sure where you heard about your information, please share some links if you can.

To try and, hopefully, reduce some confusion:

  • Layers are an actual policy resource - Layer
  • The policy engine is what is used to manage Conjur policies. It exists since the earliest versions of Conjur.
  • As far as I know, there are currently no plans for a newer version of the policy engine.
  • There was a proposal, a while ago, to merge “Layers” and “Groups” together, but this hasn’t gone anywhere yet and it might be rediscussed in the future. No plans to do it in the immediate future.

Hope this helps.