Conjur secrets management


I’m looking for a secrets manager and some things aren’t clear for me about Conjur.
Please could you help me?
Reading the website i understand Conjur secrets management is a part of a largest solution who control access; it’s not juste a vault. Is it right? Is it possible to separate and get only a secrets manager like a vault?
And i didn’t found the cost for an enterprise. Have i contact a sale?
Thank your for your help.

Hi @Paul, thanks for inquiring about Conjur!

Yes, Conjur can be used as a secrets management solution - our Quick Start guide is a good, hands-on example of this use case using Conjur Open Source.

Regarding our Enterprise solution, see CyberArk’s Conjur Enterprise product page, and request a demo for more information on our offerings.

- John

Thank you for your reply John.

Hey Paul,

Welcome to the community!

Conjur is a very flexible secrets manager. It has capabilities to be on its own and store secrets while providing a strong authentication and authorization engine to ensure that automation can be identified and receive only the secrets it is allowed to have. To expand on that capability, a lot of customers of CyberArk’s PAM solution also love to integrate it with that so they can have a single source of truth for ALL their secrets, from the mainframe all the way to the cloud. This just really simplifies their experience with our platform of products and certainly isn’t a requirement to own and run Conjur.

I’m a DevOps Security Engineer in Sales, so if you want to have a deeper look into what Conjur can provide and to understand how we can solve a lot of the use cases you may have identified that set you on the path of investigating secrets managers, feel free to shoot me an e-mail: joe dot garcia at cyberark dot com (trying to avoid spam bots here, lol). I’ll be happy to hook you up with the DevOps SME that is in your region so you can learn more.

Hope to see you around here more in the future!