Conjur newbie suggestions

Hi guys, newbie here !

Recently discovered CyberArk Conjur Secrets Management solution from amazing talk on Youtube. The talk and the product itself had really good impression on me and so I decided with my company DevOps fellas to install it in our K8s clusters.

As a matter of fact, I’ve only worked with K8s secrets management or either was using Helm deployment templates to pass secrets to my app. After watching the Conjur introduction video, I understood that our security really sucks.

So, DevOps guy from company installed Conjur OSS in a cluster using a Helm chart that’s provided by CyberArk, now I’m wondering how to modify my apps to use Conjur properly ?

In the Youtube talk, explanation was well, but it was little abstract and short without deep dive I would say, that’s okay because it was only 1 hour. I liked the idea behind secretless sidecar container and would be really helpful if you can post any links or guide materials from where I should start ?

My aim is to create a service that will use database and retrieve from there some license files, private rsa keys and etc. And do you think using secretless solution is good here ? Or I should just use simpler summon solution ?

I’m also not aware if the DevOps configured it correctly, is there any way to check that ? I tried to use conjur cli, but it was unsuccessful, didn’t pass further than conjur init command(it complained about certificates), probably that’s because there is no external url for the pod and I’m port forwarding.

Hopefully someone can help me, thank you !

Hi Bezhan,

For secretless, the Quick-start is a good place to begin. There are more examples at