Different domain login to cyberark

Hello folks, I need your understanding and advise please. I have two separate domain A & B having their own respective CyberArk. And now domain A wants to access domain B’s CyberArk. but the problem is domain B users are authenticate with UPN and access resources whereas Domain A does not have UPN and they cannot have UPN. Domain A facing login issues to B’s CyberArk. How do I get this resolve to have domain A authenticate to B’s CyberArk and access its resources without impact? Kindly please help. Thank you

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If I understand your issue correct, I think this should fix it for you:

Just adjust a different MicrosoftADProfile.ini which use UPN and use that for the domain with the users wanting to use UPN.

Thanks Morten for your response.

In my case, can I use ‘mail address’ to get authenticate with?

In theory you can use any Microsoft AD User property basically, but should be tested of course :slight_smile: