Conjur Host Id API key rotation in CyberArk

Hi Team,
I am trying to manage Host Identities for Conjur in CyberArk.
I created 2 user accounts - conjuradmin01 and conjurrecon
and 1 host - conjurtesthost
Verification and change operation are working correctly for all of these accounts

When I am trying to reconcile password of conjuradmin01 user using conjurrecon, it is working fine, but when I am trying to reconcile password of host ‘conjurtesthost’ using same recon account ‘conjurrecon’ ,I am getting error " invalid reconcile username or password error code: 8102"
Note: conjurrecon is able to rotate API key of conjurtesthost in CLI, but on CyberArk, it is getting above mentioned error
Could someone please assist on the same!

Hi @Harman, what does the audit log on the Conjur Leader show for the failed attempt?