Need help in Cyberark Rest API usage

Hello All,
I am new to cyberark, I have a requirement, I need to make Rest API calls to add,retrive,update and delete the user password in the vault. There are so many endpoints in cyberark. Could you please help me which endpoints we have to use for this requirement. If you have any document for APIs usage and code snippet, please share.
Thanks in Advance.

Pavan Kumar K

Hey Pavan,

Check out this link to my Postman collection. There, you will find all the CRUD endpoints to manage accounts in our REST API. You will want to drill down to Accounts > v2 API for the endpoints.

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Thanks alot Joe

Pavan Kumar K

Hello Joe,

I am getting following exception when I try to invoke get accunts end point.

“ErrorCode”: “PASWS006E”,
“ErrorMessage”: “The session token is missing, invalid or expired.”

Looks like Authorization is not correct. I am using Base64 Auth, generated using user id and password of the component. which auth method we have to use to make it work?

Thanks and Regrads,
Pavan Kumar K

I think you need to consume the right service… I believe there is no getAccounts endpoint in Conjur…
I guess you are referring to PAS solution here …

Conjur REST details are : REST APIs

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