Conjur & AAM DAP's REST APIs come to Postman!

Hey everyone!

In an effort to centralize all available CyberArk APIs into the Postman Collection, I’ve updated it to include Conjur/AAM DAP APIs complete with automated session token handling and environment template with variables.

Be sure to check it out and start using it to ease your development!


@joe.garcia I am unable to import this to postman, I looked at the .json file in your github page but that doesn’t include DAP. Appreciate your help here. Thank you

Sorry about that, @sjohnkennedy!

Looks like the sync between Postman and GitHub broke for a min. You can go back to that GitHub page and get the updated Postman Collection json file that includes PAS REST API v11.4, Conjur/DAP, EPM, and more!

Thank you. I was able to get it