AAM vs DAP vs CP vs Conjur

Hello Everyone, I was wondering if someone could take the time and provide some clarification on all the different names I am running into and the correlation between them. I’ve been looking over some webpages, CyberArk’s main webpage that lists producs, AAM’s webpage that seems to have two applications (CP and DAP), and under DAP we have a webpage for Conjur. On CyberArk’s main webpage AAM is listed as one product, but when I go to the documentation page of AAM there is a division, a selection must be made between two other items, CP and DAP. Does this mean AAM is available in 3 different versions, CP, DAP, and Conjur, Conjur being an open source version of DAP. or is AAM comprised of two different components and depending on need you can use one or the other or both. If AAM is composed of both CP and DAP, can they share a vault? To me it seems that AAM comes in 3 different versions (CP, DAP, Conjur), each has it’s own vault and does not interact with another.

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Hi Louis,

Maybe someone can chime in with more information. But I wrote up a quick summary of each of your AAM products that can be found here:

Leave a comment if you have any other questions.



Thank you for the explanation Andrew.

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