Conjur integration with CyberArk Vault

I am new to the CyberArk Secret management so please bear with me if this is a stupid question.
Based on what I saw in the documentation I get the basic difference between DAP and Conjur. What I am unable to determine is if there is a way to integrate Conjur with the CyberArk Vault for testing.

What I mean is that I have lab environment in which I have CyberArk Vault that is using demo license. This demo license contains something called DAPService and in support portal I also see option to download Vault Conjur Synchronizer. On the other hand there is also folder called Conjur Enterprise which just contains readme file saying that if I am interested in Conjur Enterprise I should contact CyberArk.

Can someone please answer what is DAPService license used for and if I can use Vault Conjur Synchronizer with open source version of Conjur or if I need to ask CyberArk for some additional installation files to see how DAP integrates with CyberArk Vault?

Mind you I need this just for testing for now to see how this integration works and what benefits it provides.


Hi @atavius,
I’m a DAP dev so hopefully someone else can answer the non-technical parts of your question but the normal setup for Vault + DAP is just like you have guessed:

Vault -> Synchronizer -> (over Conjur API) -> DAP/Conjur

I think that for testing purposes synchronizer may work with Conjur OSS as they use 1:1 APIs. The HA infrastructure/support/features/etc do differ between DAP and Conjur OSS but for just testing it shouldn’t (in theory) matter. Sadly, I really can’t really answer anything about licensing questions you posed as that’s outside of my scope of knowledge.

Hello @atavius,

Found this comparison between Conjur OSS and Conjur Enterprise version.
Hope this helps.


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@atavius ,
From my experience you can’t integrate Conjur OSS with Vault. You need DAP for that. You can get access to DAP docker image which in tar format by contacting your CyberArk Account manager.

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