CyberArk DAP version upgrade from 12.0 to 12.7

Hi Team,

Our current DAP version is 12.0 and we would like to upgrade to latest version 12.7.
In our current setup below are installed

  1. Master layer (DAP master & standby’s)
  2. Kubernetes followers
  3. Vault synchronizer.

Please help me on below query’s to upgrade our current setup.

  1. Where to get the conjur-appliance to upgrade the master layer (DAP master & standby’s) ?
  2. Below are the images used in manifest file of kubernetes followers , do I need to upgrade both the images ?

Where can I get those docker images ?



  1. Do I need to upgrade the vault synchronizer as well ?

  2. Currently our Vault version is 12.0.0 , will that CyberArk DAP version 12.7 is compatible with the current Vault version 12.0 ?

  3. Any other steps need to taken care other than above to upgrade DAP ?



All the upgrade processes are documented in the CyberArk Docs

Master/ Standbys

Vault Synchronizer
[Upgrade Vault Synchronizer]

Latest software is available in the market place, vault synchronizer can work with vault version starting 10.5 onwards, so no compatibility issues.

For K8S images, you can download and upload to your repos.

Good luck :slight_smile:

Thanks gautam for reply !

For upgradation on K8s , do I need to upgrade both seedfetcher & conjur-appliance images ?


Hi Phani,

I would suggest yes to update all to the latest.
We have performed and found no issues.