Conjur API collection

Good day,

Please please please tell me someone has imported the conjur API’s into swagger or Postman, I am not clear from the how to build them into Postman, I can do the initial logon but not seeing how to add the auth token I get back and use that to input a pass?

Thank you.

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nm found one

Hey James, you beat me to it. I was too busy eating turkey :slight_smile:

Great work by @Ryan


Thanks, it really was awesome to find that. I have huge appreciation for people that take the time out to create collections.

Yeah, it’s a great guide. I’d started looking into making a Postman version of the same thing, but eventually dropped it. If you’re using Postman I’d be interested in picking it back up and working with you. Feel free to ping me

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ty, I would but insomnia works and Im a bit pressed for time atm, Ill touch base if some time frees up tho :+1:

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