Dap Master standalone on Azure for Lab

Hello Team,
I’d like to do some lab on Dap and I’ll like to deploy Master(standalone) on Azure. Has anyone deployed DAP in Azure? Can you please give some overview on how to set up a lab in Azure?

I tried in Linux VM but I’m not able to assign private IP and struggling to find a solution.


Hey Nirmal:

It pretty much works the same as installing on a local VM. The networking can vary though, as you seem to be experiencing. Because I need to access the Conjur node from outside of Azure, I’m using a public DNS address and restricting access with networking rules. The server address in the URL you use to connect (CONJUR_APPLIANCE_URL) needs to be a SAN in the server certificate. Make sure your private IP address is an altname when you run the ‘evoke configure’ command, otherwise connections to the Conjur service will fail.

See: dap-demo-env/start_conjur at main · jodyhuntatx/dap-demo-env · GitHub



Thanks, Jodi for your help. Actually Im getting the below error, when I try to include VM’s private IP while (–master-altnames “” ) I’m executing the ‘evoke configure’ command.

If Im not using the above command there is no error but when Im not getting the login page…

Any further input?


Hi Jody,

All good

We know need to provide Private IP as altname (it is not accepteding as well)… I’ve followed scripts your GitHub scripts and it’s working fine… I’m not using public DNS so I’m using my own custom certificate … its all looking good now … thanks