CyberArk Identity API to do the backup and restore Application periodically

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I have a question about backup and restore Application periodically for Identity web apps.

is it correct to use this?

  1. (To backup) use /Redrock/query to query “Application” table to obtain all applications and their “TemplateName” and “ID”. Then for each “ID”, use /SaasManage/GetApplication to obtain application details
  2. (To restore application from backup) use /Saasmanage/ImportAppFromTemplate to create a new application based on the “TemplateName” of the old application, then use /SaasManage/UpdateApplicationDE to fill in all details based on the backup data of application details
    How to obtain Application Permissions from API? There are APIs to set application permission, but we couldn’t find API to obtain application permission. Could you help to point the right API? Our application permission can include Roles, AD Users, AD Groups, or Cloud Users.

if any suggestion and proper document please help

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Hi @Andreyph,

This forum is exclusively for Conjur and other open source projects. For Identity, please reach out to technical support. You can also try the CyberArk subreddit for community support.

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Thank you for the advice. have a good day.

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