How to access the logs and APIS

Hi, I’m working on an integration for which I have the following queries, I would really appreciate if someone could help me to answer these queries:

  1. I am looking for Security/Identity details on the CyberArk website, but I could not locate them anywhere. Could someone confirm if CyberArk Workforce Identity capture Security/Identity logs? If yes, then is there any web API using which we can fetch these details, also it would be nice if anyone can guide us on how to setup this API. Url:- [] I have gone through this url.
  2. Also is it necessary to create a free account to access this information if available?
    3.Can we create free trial account on CyberArk ? If yes then please provide link.

Hi @varun.dahiya,

This forum is exclusively for Conjur and other open source projects. For PAM and Identity, please reach out to technical support. You can also try the CyberArk subreddit for community support.