Corporate CA for DAP when using Kubernetes integration

Hey guys,

Just a matter of curiosity, is it possible to use the corporate CA and then issue certificates for master and standby nodes and at the same time properly configure followers placed in kubernetes?

The documentation says it is required to “Initialize the CA” (DAP local CA) -|OpenShift%2C%20Kubernetes%2C%20and%20GKE|_____5#InitializetheCA

but did anyone try to use the corporate CA for these purposes? Is it possible?

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Well, answering my question:

You can issue a SubCA certificate using Domain CA and just upload it to DAP with the private key, then it’ll be used for k8s resources authorisation.

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Hi Anton,

I hadn’t tried this yet, but suspected it would work for the same reasons you did. Thanks for confirming! Do you think this is something worth documenting?