Getting Standbys and followers to use LB hostname instead of master-specific hostname

We have a multi-master DAP cluster with one active master and two standbys. Several followers are running within Kubernetes clusters. Each master has its own hostname:

An alias record, “”, resolves to the hostname of the active master. It’s intended that standbys and followers, as well as users, can always use “” regardless of which of the 3 masters are currently active. At installation time, this was “”. Now, after an upgrade across the cluster to conjur-appliance 11.4.0, this has been changed to reflect the currently-active master: “”.

While this works great from a user perspective (I can hit “” in the browser and access the UI serviced by master2), the followers and standbys appear to be directly referencing “”, which has made it impossible to configure master1 as a standby and is causing failures within the followers.

From master2, I have copied the seed to master1 according to the documentation for configuring an HA cluster:

[cyberark@ut-ca-master2 ~]$ docker exec dap evoke seed standby | ssh "docker exec -i dap evoke unpack seed -"

And on master1 attempted to configure it as a standby. This does not work, as master1 tries to replicate from itself instead of using the load balancer hostname to find the active master:

[cyberark@ut-ca-master1 ~]$ docker exec dap evoke configure standby
psql: could not connect to server: No route to host
Is the server running on host "" ( and accepting
TCP/IP connections on port 5432?

The followers that were already running in Kubernetes have suddenly started to fail, as they seem to try to connect to master1 directly:

$ kubectl logs -f dap-follower-7649c48fd8-hrzpq
<131>1 2020-07-18T16:23:17.000+00:00 dap-follower-7649c48fd8-hrzpq postgres 21989 - [meta sequenceId="97"] [3-1] FATAL:  could not connect to the primary server: could not connect to server: Connection refused
<131>1 2020-07-18T16:23:17.000+00:00 dap-follower-7649c48fd8-hrzpq postgres 21989 - [meta sequenceId="98"] [3-2] 		Is the server running on host "" ( and accepting
<131>1 2020-07-18T16:23:17.000+00:00 dap-follower-7649c48fd8-hrzpq postgres 21989 - [meta sequenceId="99"] [3-3] 		TCP/IP connections on port 5432?

This is strange, as the deployment manifest explicitly uses “”:

- env:

Seeking help on how to configure standbys and followers to leverage the load balancer hostname to remedy these issues. Thanks in advance for any guidance. @jgarabedian

This was resolved by issuing a new SSL certificate to update the subject (ex. subject=loadbalancerdns)

Future upgrades should be able to complete with this new certificate.

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The default behavior when creating a seed file is that the master address is chosen from the CN value of the certificate subject. This can be overridden by passing a master address argument to your seed file creation. For example, evoke seed follower my.follower.fqdn my.master-lb.fqdn.

Note: Standbys participating in an auto-failover cluster MUST communicate with the initial master directly and not through the master load balancer or alias.

Note2: Followers and standbys not participating in an auto-failover cluster should communicate to the master via the master load balancer address or alias.

Note3: There is no override for the master address when working with the seed fetcher (auto-deploy of followers in OpenShift/Kubernetes). For this reason, we recommend always having the master LB address as the CN value in the certificate subject.

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