Starting the Conjur Journey - Sever Setup

I’m trying to get a better understanding how everyone is deploying Conjur. Are you using Docker CC or Docker Enterprise and are you installing Docker on its owner server and then installing Conjur on top of that. One server for each instance of Conjur i.e. Master, Standby.

I have Conjur Enterprise license.

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Glad you made it over, Sack!

I know this isn’t what you want to hear, but I’m going to give you the common lab setup I use.

It’s very important to hear from actual customers, so please still share your story if you are one!

Joe G’s Lab Setup to Mock Prod:

Master Container hosted in Docker CE on Master RHEL8 VM
Synchronous Standby Container hosted in Docker CE on Master RHEL8 VM
Asynchronous Standby Container hosted in Docker CE on Standby1 RHEL8 VM
2x Follower Containers hosted in Docker CE on Follower1 RHEL8VM (Copy this for as many Follower HA pairs I want/need)

Replace “VM” with any public cloud VM instance.


Hey Joe!! Ok, that’s exactly how i have it designed right now for my Prod environment. Although, I am planning on using Kubernetes to host my followers and planning on all api request going to the followers and not the master.

Thank you for your input!

Followers in Kubernetes is the way to go!

If you got any questions during the deployment, let us know here and we can help out.

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