DAP on Amzon EKS

I’m working with a customer for a DAP solution and in that, the customer is expecting us to deploy DAP containers in EKS…

Mater - 1 container on EKS
Standby -2 containers on EKS
Followers - 4 (each follower will be deployed on a separate container)
Now my question is:

  1. what is the recommendation/best practice for deploying Conjur CLI? I believe it will be deployed in a separate container, am I right?
  2. Also, do we have any documentation on how to manage DAP keys in AKS?

Any help would be much appreciated!


Hello @nimal -

We recommend installing the enterprise master cluster on Linux machines (eg EC2 instances) in AWS. You can find more information about the Conjur Enterprise system requirements in the documentation.

If you have follow-up questions about your specific deployment, I’d strongly encourage opening a Salesforce case. CyberArk support staff can work closely with you to answer questions about your specific environment. Thank you!

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Thanks, @izgerij. Much appreciated