Set Follower to use Load Balancer

Hello everyone - I’m trying to create a seed file for a follower and and would like to use the load balancer instead of the master address. I use the command below. When I deploy the follower, for some reason it’s still using the master address instead of the load balancer (the /info url still has the master address information and not load balancer). I’m running 12.0. I appreciate any help, thanks!

evoke seed follower my.follower.fqdn my.master-lb.fqdn

Hi @sonny, that is the correct way to override the master address. The only issue I can think of that could cause this for you would be if the address my.master-lb.fqdn was not listed in the subject alt names of your certificate. You should see an error message in that case though, error: Certificate /opt/conjur/etc/ssl/follower-lb-name.pem already exists, but does not contain the names my.master-lb.fqdn.

By default, evoke uses the CN value from the certificate subject as the master address. If you’re using self-signed certs, you could alternatively reissue the cert, but the approach you are using is the correct approach and should be working.


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Thanks for the information Nate. I’m using company’s CA and I was able to fix it by generating new certificate for the master load balancer and loading to Conjur. Thanks for the help!