Conjur 12.1 Audit DB clean up Question

Hi All,

I know Audit DB(messages table in postgres) keeps on increasing unless you manually truncate the table. CyberArk has a KB which gives the steps which is good (Support Community). Now my questions/doubts are below: [Only from MASTER standpoint]

  1. Can I do what is given in the KB without stopping any Conjur Container Services?
  2. If No, which services I need to stop before doing this, what would be the impact if I do it on the fly?
  3. If Yes, what else should I take care?

@kumbirai @joe.garcia

Hi @greenlights. I don’t imagine that any services need to be stopped, especially given that the Knowledge Article doesn’t mention anything. I’m confirming internally and will update once I know more.

Hi @kumbirai , Thanks. Could you get the confirmation by today.?

@greenlights, you should not need to stop or restart any services. That said, we have seen a few cases where we had to stop the services to get the truncate command to finish, however these were systems where no monitoring of the disk was in place and the disk was completely full already with many audit messages queued.

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