Conjur Logs not Updating/Truncating on Conjur Master instance

Despite new resources being created and modified in Conjur, we’ve noted that the Conjur log as viewed through the UI landing page and as stored in the Conjur container itself has not updated since December 21st; based on the size when examined on ls -lt of contents of conjur:/var/log it’s at 4096, so we’re guessing the file may be full but not truncating its contents for whatever reason. We do have another Conjur master running that has hit this size but continued to update (via truncation of the file contents), and this other instance was not set up in any discernibly different manner.

How do we resolve this behavior? Is there a specific step that needs to be undertaken for the Conjur log to update beyond a specific size? Is it meant to truncate by default?

Additionally: how exactly are logs stored? On examination and based on the documentation it seems file based; is this the case or is there an underlying/additional element?

Hi @NRSayed, I’m looking for someone to help you

Hi @NRSayed,

I’m Oren from the R&D team.

Few questions so we can further investigate this:

  1. Is this the OSS solution or DAP?
  2. How did you deploy your Conjur instance?
  3. If you run "docker logs " do you get the logs?