Unable to determine ansible-galaxy cyberark.conjur version to use for conjur 6.2.1


I am trying this ansible conjurization of the host process https://galaxy.ansible.com/cyberark/conjur but getting an error when i run the command to retrieve secret from the host:

sudo /usr/local/bin/summon --yaml 'secret_pwd: !var prod_vault/Prod/SERV_ANSIBLE/Misc-TSIKeePassImport-ansible_test_secret/password' env
Error fetching variable secret_pwd: exit status 1: 404: Variable 'prod_vault/Prod/SERV_ANSIBLE/Misc-TSIKeePassImport-ansible_test_secret/password' not found

I have used ansible-galaxy install cyberark.conjur-host-identity but thinking this might be an incorrect version for our conjur 6.2.1. Can you please clarify what is the correct version to use.


Actually, this is a non-issue at this point. I was missing adding the layer in the policy. Thanks

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