Securing Ansible Playbooks with Conjur

How do I get started securing Ansible playbooks with Conjur?

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I also heard there was a free tool (not sure if it is Open Source) that I can use to scan Ansible Playbooks for unprotected credentials. How do I access it?

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From what I know, as of Ansible v2.5 there is lookup plugin:

This allows to use that lookup plugin for secrets in their playbooks that are stored in Conjur.

Depending, when using Ansible Tower, there is a native integration out of the box in v3.5.1 with support for both Conjur and AIM

There’s also a plugin for machine identity here:

And an ansible automation collection repo here:

I am not sure if this info helps. If you find more exactly what you were looking for originally, please, share :slight_smile:




I just gave a talk at AnsibleFest 2019 that runs through everything we can do with Conjur & Ansible today!

Check out my deck from the talk at:

I’ll try to do a webinar in the near future for everyone through CyberArk giving the talk again with Q&A.


Can you confirm Ansible Tower 3.5.1 works with Conjur Open Source (as well as the enterprise version of AAM) and that selecting CyberArk to be the credential store for Ansible Tower is just a configuration selection from a menu

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Yes to both questions.

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