Tutorial: Private Conversations (Direct Messages & Private Groups)

By design and default, posts on CyberArk Commons are public. The reason behind this is that we feel open and public conversations enables collaboration and allow other users to benefit from questions that have already been answered.

However, the need for private conversation is occasionally necessary for security and confidentiality reasons. If you have a need for a more private conversation there are multiple ways to do this detailed in this post.

Direct Messages

This can only be done by user with user level 1 or higher.

To send a direct message:

  • Click on the user profile you wish to message
  • Click on the message icon
  • Within the reply window you may change the subject and message body

Private Groups (Channel)

Users with user level 2 or higher have the ability to create groups, these groups can be configured with permission levels to allow them to become private and invite only.

Follow these steps to create a private group:

  • Create a group and assign the group an owner

Recommended Group Settings


Updated with some recommended settings for privacy