How can we share our open source code with the CyberArk Commons community?


the RD team in Israel has written sever open source projects that could be of use to others. Now they sit in their private GitHub repositories. At some point it might make sense for the repos to be under CyberArk GitHub, but for now how can the RD team share these repos with the CyberArk Commons community for feedback, discussion, or to simply allow others to use them?

CC @izgerij @Jake

John Walsh

I was thinking to have people to post about their project in #conjur (or other appropriate category) with a link to the GitHub repo. Then use tags, so people can find it later(i.e. #community-code #github). RD should post it the same way, right?

@izgerij said she has some documentation for this, so I want to see what she says too

@Jake what if the project isn’t related to Conjur?

We have categories like #secretless-broker, #CyberArk-Labs, or #general(if it doesn’t relate to anything else, but still cool to share) that people can use. I’d like to avoid making more sub-categories and try using tags and see if it becomes a problem. Do you think this is organized enough?

Sharing Existing Public Repositories
If there are projects in public GitHub repos that people could benefit from, the maintainers should absolutely share links in this forum! Links can be posted to Conjur, Secretless Broker, or CyberArk Labs if the code is related to one of these tools. Otherwise, posting to General is perfectly okay, and the admins can help to categorize / label it properly from there.

Making Internal CyberArk Repositories Public
If CyberArk employees have their own private repos that they want to include in our public cyberark GitHub organization, we have a defined process that we follow. I’ll be sharing more information about that process in the next couple of months, but for now the best way to get started is by contacting me directly. I’m happy to help people get this going - but it’s also good as you’re considering making a repository public to reflect on:

  • Does this code belong in a standalone repository?
  • Does the code have an appropriate license?
  • Is there a helpful README and project description, including information on the project quality and intended use cases?
  • Are you going to accept contributions? What process should contributors follow?
  • Who will maintain the project?
  • Is the code secure? Have you reviewed it to ensure it does not include any secrets or keys in its history?
  • Has the code been reviewed, and does it work?
  • Will the repository be needed forever?

Either way, please get in touch if you have questions! This is a topic I love to talk about, and I’m excited to be sharing more details as time goes on.