Category or tag for sharing code snippets / scripts?

I’m wondering if we could have a category that’s specifically for sharing code snippets or scripts? I’ve heard from several people lately that they have code or playbooks or scripts that they think might be useful to other people, and they’re looking for a sensible way to share them. We don’t always have a public repository that’s a natural place to store these things, and it can also be hard to evaluate the appropriate place to put the code until you can check it out and see if it does have general value.

I’ve started to think it might be useful to have a category or at least a tag that we could put on posts that share code or code snippets that others might also find useful - has anyone seen this done successfully on another discourse before? Does anyone have ideas for whether a category or tag is more appropriate, and what it should be called?

I think this post by Joe is a good example of things to be shared and discussed:

@joe.garcia what do you think?

I like the idea of tagging posts. Maybe if we posted it in the category for the project(i.e. #conjur , #secretless-broker ) and said like “Hey, I made this:” with a link to where it is and a set of tags that people could use to search for more posts like that. Tags like script, GitHub, playbook, etc would make it easier to find the posts later

I just added the tag #opensource to a few of my OS posts to use as an example

Maybe for things like this that get shared we could tag them with community-code and the major component / tools it’s related to? So @joe.garcia’s post might be tagged with:


@John or @jake - can you help with this? I am not sure I can add tags yet :slight_smile:

Also, the alternate solution is to add a subcategory to both Conjur and Secretless for “Community Code” - we could describe it as

Have code you want to share? Create a new post here.

I enabled tags while we were talking about this, so it should be an option. If you make a new post, or edit an old one, to the right of the category selection does it say “tags”? Right now there is only the one #opensource tag, but anyone should be able to create a new tag

Nice! I was able to add a community-code tag to Joe’s post.

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FYI @izgerij and @Jake, the CyberArk RD team in Israel has a few open source repos currently on their private repos that they would like to share. What did we settle on for the process?

@John let’s make this its own topic. I have documentation on how this works, but it’s not public yet. I’d love to share it more broadly, though!