Contributing to open source

Are you interested in contributing to open source software? I just read a great guide that can help you get started:

At CyberArk we have a few open source projects that welcome contributions! To find out more, check out the Conjur and Secretless Broker projects in GitHub:

Please also feel free to ping me on here to ask questions :slight_smile:


Hi there ! I work for a CyberArk partner in Australia and I am very keen to contribute. It has been hard to find where to start, but will dig through the github issues.

Thanks for this channel, appreciate it.




Hey @joalmaraz!

Are there particular programming languages or tools you’d be interested in helping with? I’d be glad to try to find something to get you started.

A good first step is to sign our contributor license agreement too :slight_smile:

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Hi @izgerij, thanks so much!

I have a more Sys/Ops back-ground (so, Shell and consequently Ansible, Terraform and Chef would be things I’m familiar with).

I also have interest in improving code skills with either go-lang or Java, but in that I would be going through a more beginner’s path.

Keen to have a chat to learn more and we’ll go through the contributor’s license agreement.




@joalmaraz here are some initial ideas on projects you might be interested in contributing to. We have a couple of relevant projects that have open issues - you can look through the open issues to see if there’s something you’d like to try to address, and you can also try to use each tool to see if there are improvements you would like to see that you could help with.

If you get into these repos and have questions or ideas, please feel free to create a thread here to discuss it. We’ll be happy to help!

We’re also working on better organizing our github to be able to find things to contribute to more easily - stay tuned!


Thanks a lot! I am upskillin in golang to try and contribute more with the Terraform provider, hopefully.


Feel free to post here if you have questions about anything - we’ll be happy to help get you started!!

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