Open source certification levels are coming!

We recently published certification levels that we’ll be using to qualify our open source tools and integrations. Soon, you should expect to see certification level badges on our open source repos - here’s a sample of what you might see!

Community features or projects are contributed by the community and are not reviewed or supported by CyberArk Engineering. In particular, Community features or projects have not had a CyberArk security review, but can be demonstrated to work for at least a single use case.

A feature or project with a Trusted Certification Level has been reviewed by CyberArk Engineering to verify that it will securely work with Conjur OSS as documented.

A “Trusted” feature or project may be Certified to work with CyberArk DAP. Features that are “Certified” have been reviewed by CyberArk Engineering to verify that they will securely work with CyberArk DAP as documented. In addition, CyberArk offers Enterprise-level support for these features.

For more detailed info about how each of these levels are defined, please see the full documentation in our community repo.