Procedure to re-enroll failed node

Hello there , nice to meet you ! This is my first questione here .

I’ve a question about the re-enroll of a secondary failed conjur node.
During this days we are planning a migration from 11.7 to 12.5.1 and now we are working on QA environment validating the procedures on the new release.

In this environment we have 3 nodes and we have loaded an autofailover policy.

After having terminated a secondary node we have

stopped the container
deleted the container
re-created the container on the same node
re-added the new container on the cluster with the unpack seed.

after this step , in /info and /health page all appear correct.

my question is, do we have to run also

evoke cluster enroll --reenroll -n -m
as described here ?

I’m asking this because we have tried 2 to follow the procedure until that step and after making a re-enroll of the node (and the command end successfully givin as output the status of the cluster this the 3 nodes) the node just re-enrolled is terminated … :thinking:

thanks in advance for any help, have a great day