Conjur clustering having issue

We are trying to configure clustering in Conjur and getting below error while doing the heathcheck on master.

Error reading cluster status: No such file or directory @ rb_sysopen - /run/cluster.running

When trying to enroll sandby, getting below message:
error: Already enrolled in cluster, cannot enroll again.

Hi @koushik.halder! I have some ideas on what is going on here, but to narrow the focus a little can I have you share what version of Conjur you are working with, what actions were carried out in the environment prior to encountering this issue, and the contents of /etc/chef/solo.json on each of the nodes in your cluster? (scrub the server names from these files if any are present)

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Hi Nathan,

I ran into an issue “Conjur Standby Nodes rebuild issue
Here the /etc/chef/solo.json has an additional host into cluster member list, however we have not enrolled it by evoking the command but updating the cluster policy.

As a result, unable to rebuild the node to add into the cluster, could you please check.

Thanks and regards,

Hi Gautam,
Were you able to rebuild the node?

Thanks - Rob