CyberArk DAP Cluster Backup scripts


We are having a cluster of 3 nodes, configured in auto-failover mode, would like to know following 2 things:

  1. Any scripts to perform check cluster status and take a backup of the master node for the application running on Linux by comparing the status of other 2 nodes. alert in case of issues.
  2. Scripts to automate the process of adding the node that was moved out of cluster which was a master and adding back to the cluster to reduce the operational efforts.

Thanks and regards,

Hi @gautamkanithi,

I’m not aware of any scripts to perform the specific task you’re proposing. Maybe someone else in the community has something close to what you’re looking for?

I don’t know if this helps, but I just wanted to be sure you were aware of our documentation for:

Checking health of master

Checking health of standbys

Performing backup on a Master

Performing restore to create a new Master

Hope this helps,

Dear Dane,

Thank you, we have prepared some bash scripts to check and run the backup activities, this can be scheduled as jobs.

For scripts to add the node back to the cluster, this has been bit tricky to implement, however based on health checks, we tried to bit automate as, again this is also bash script.

echo -e “\Run the below on the new master to create seed file and add back to the cluster”

"podman exec conjur evoke seed standby | ssh user@ “sudo podman exec -i conjur evoke unpack seed -” "

"podman exec $standby_container_name evoke cluster member add "

echo -e “\On the new standby”

podman exec $master_container_name evoke configure standby
podman exec $master_container_name evoke cluster enroll --reenroll -n -m $clusterName

echo -e “\On New master”

podman exec $standby<1,2>_container_name evoke replication sync start --force