Nodejs SDK?

Hi, are there any plans to add support for Nodejs?


We have an initial community level Node client library here - but it’s not something we’ve gotten a lot of requests for, so it’s not gotten a lot of love and is likely somewhat out of date.

We’d be glad to work with you if there are features you’d like to see added to it or if changes are needed to get this up and running again - please feel free to log an issue.

Hi @izgerij , is there an updated version to this nodejs sdk to make it compatible with Conjur 5.x? We have a New Relic use case which we are told that only supports nodejs. Thanks.


Hi @vmaddirala

The repo linked above, conjurinc/api-node, has been archived, and hasn’t received a functional update since 2016.

I would suggest checking out Conjur’s OpenAPI description on GitHub, which includes scripts that can generate client libraries from the API description. To generate a Javascript client library:

git clone --single-branch
cd conjur-openapi-spec
./bin/generate_client -l javascript

The generated client will contain instructions for getting started. It’s important to note that while the Conjur OpenAPI description is a community level certified project, generated client libraries are not officially supported by CyberArk.

- John