NEW Azure DevOps Extension

Congratulations to @AndrewCopeland for getting his Conjur Azure DevOps Extension migrated to a CyberArk repo! Check out this community contribution:

Feedback and improvements to the project are always welcome!


@jake Link you posted gives 404 error.

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@subodh Oops, my bad. Looks like I prematurely posted this during the final stage of review… Consider this a sneak peak and I’ll comment again soon when the repo is actually ready!

All set! Let us know what you think!


@jake I tried this in Azure DevOps and received status code 404.
I have tested directly from the agent host and it was able to pull the secrets with a certificate.
Any help will be appreciated


@jake please ignore the above comment. The issue was on my side. I was trying to retrieve a secret from a safe where the host don’t have access. After give permission for the host via policy it was able to fetch the secret. The integration works as expected and was able to run successfully in Azure DevOps pipeline.


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