NetStandardPasswordSDK is not working with Web API using .Net Framework 4.6.2

Hi Team,

      We are working on CyberArk integration with existing project(developed in .Net Framework 4.6.2) to get password from CyberArk vault.  As per below document link we have added reference of  NetStandardPasswordSDK in our project(Web API) and written code to get password.

PSDKPassword password = PasswordSDK.GetPassword(passRequest)

But we are receiving following error “CyberArk.AAM.NetStandardPasswordSDK.Exceptions.PSDKException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object. in Web APi project when its executing above code. Same SDK we have tried with Console application(.Net Framework 4.6.2) its working fine and able to get password.

Do we need to add any configuration/setting to work with .Net Framework 4.6.2?

We have added NetStandard assembly reference to WebApi project. still its not working.

CyberArk provides NetPasswordSDK which supports .NetFramework 4.8 version, since we have many projects in .Net Framework 4.6.2. we are not trying with upgradation of .Net framework.

Please let me know any settings needs to be done to work with Web Api with .Net Framework 4.6.2.

Thanks in Advance.

Hi @nishanthp,

This forum is exclusively for Conjur and other open source projects. For CP, please reach out to technical support. You can also try the CyberArk subreddit for community support.

Hi @szh,

Thanks for the information

@szh - Could you please provide CP Technical Support email address. so i will send email?