Migration of Mainframe Applications to CyberArk Credential Provider

Hi , my client has the requirement to migrate MF Applications authentication (Passwords, Digital Certificates) to a Credential Provider. There is much literature on this subject but to date I have not found any specifics. We have done some of the preparatory work, identifying Started Tasks and the associated userids and are using this list as a reference .
Of course the Started Tasks are not candidates for a Credential provider so … given each MF site has its own unique settings, How would I look for “Applications” behind DB2 for z/OS and CICS ? The only progress we have made really is identifying Surrogate UserIds . It seems there is a large hole in the process of identifying Mainframe Applications UserIds authentication methods to a Credential Provider? Grateful for any comments / links so this task can be progressed, Best regards , Peter

Hi @pleaper12,
For questions about Db2 the Credential Provider sales engineer may be able to assist in identifying the applications.

Thanks Robert, do you have a name or a link please , best regards Peter